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Cooperative Party Logothe Co-operative Party and Labour.

The Co-operative Party is the political arm of the Co-operative Movement.


The Co-operative Party has an electoral agreement with Labour which enables candidates to stand as Labour and Co-operative representatives in General, European and Local elections.  



The Co-operative Party aims to:

  • promote the principles of co-operation
  • support and promote all forms of co-operative
  • work with Labour to win elections


The Co-operative party is the second largest centre left party and has representation in both Houses of Parliament, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh and London Assemblies, as well as over 350 local councillors.


The Co-operative Movement includes co-operatives and mutuals that operate in all sectors of the economy and society. It covers a wide range of businesses and services to meet diverse economic, social and cultural needs. From food production and retailing to banking and financial services, co-operation in the 21st century has moved into areas as diverse as housing and care provision and leisure and sport.


Unlike their capitalist competitors, co-operatives are driven by more than the pursuit of profit. Whilst they strive to be successful co-operative businesses, they are run according to a set of values and principles and are grounded in the communities they serve.


You can find out more about the Co-operative party by clicking here (nationally)

Croydon Branch

The Croydon Branch is active and meets 6 times a year. Get in touch via the branch Secretary: Councillor Wayne Lawlor

  • Give Them Credit

    The creation of an armed forces credit union would improve the availability of affordable financial services to armed forces families.

  • People Powered Power for Plymouth

    In Plymouth, community energy is freeing people from fuel poverty and the extortion of the Big Six energy companies.

  • Scottish Labour Conference

    My experience as a Co-operative Party delegate to this year's Scottish Labour Conference

  • Local elections

    Alongside the European elections, hundreds of co-operators will be standing in local council elections across England. Here's how you can

  • Championing the development of co-operative schools

    There is a fast-growing political consensus around the benefits of co-operative schools. Today we have the opportunity to build on

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